Wood Wine Racks: Properly Preserving Your Collection

by Zee on July 23, 2011

If you love your wines, you’ll want only the best — wood wine racks.

Wooden Racks

Whether it is a large basement wine cellar or a small room or closet in the home transformed for the storage and aging of wines, wood wine racks always do a great job. If you have a passion for wine and starting a wine collection, it would be a wise investment to buy wooden wine racks for your storage needs. Although there are many materials that can be used, wood has been proven to be the best. It’s been used for centuries!  Not only is wood a great decorative addition to any home, it is sturdy as well. Wooden racks come in redwood, mahogany or pine, and they can be finished with a stain or left unfinished.

Wooden RacksExcellent quality wine deserves to be stored in an excellent quality wine rack and wood wine racks definitely fit the bill. While other racks are good, if the bottles will be left on the rack for a longer period of time, wood is the preferred material. You can find many styles of wooden wine racks such as solid cubes & bins, stackable racks, curvy wine racks table top racks and more. With today’s choices, it’s not impossible to find the one that will work in the space that you have. Wood wine racks offer simple, effective, and quality storage options that are oftentimes modular to allow you to build a personalized setup, and this is one of the things that we love about wood wine racks.

We also love the look of wood — it’s classic, timeless and depending on the type of wood you choose for your wine cellar, the various grains and colors of the wood give your racks a truly unique look. Because they come in a variety of types and styles suiting almost every need and personal sense of style, it’s really no wonder wood wine racks are a favorite.

There is a large selection of wood wine racks in the market today, and there are wine cellar experts that can assist you in customizing your cellar, from your choice of wood, stain and finish options to different wine rack styles, giving you a  perfectly custom look. Indeed, wood wine racks are not only the most beautiful but also the most worthy of your time and investment.

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