Why Mahogany Wood Is A Great Choice For Wine Racks

by Zee on June 2, 2011

So you have a well-loved wine collection, and you want to store it in the best place possible. You should definitely go for quality and durability, and that means getting wine racks or having a wine cellar built from Mahogany.

Mahogany Wine Rack

The Mahogany wood’s beauty, hardness and evident durability makes it among the best options for wine racks and wine cellars today. If you want only the best, then this is definitely the wood to go for. And why not? Mahogany is often called the finest cabinet wood of the world for a good number of reasons.

Hardwoods, where mahogany trees belong, are your best choices when picking a wood species for your wine cellars and wine racks because builders have trusted it for years due to its excellent durability. Softer woods can dent after years of use, and you wouldn’t want that to happen to the home of your finest wines.

This wood is strong and can stand wear and tear as a furniture, yet it is soft enough to be sawed, planed, and carved. It does not shrink, swell, or change form as other hardwoods and can resist wood rot. Mahogany wood has a high luster too. In fact, we especially love how it gives out a very attractive reddish-brown color which darkens over time. When polished, Mahogany displays a classy reddish sheen, which is makes a standout décor.

Mahogany wine rack choices are limitless

The beauty of Mahogany makes it interesting to create and present wine racks and wine cellars in so many different ways.

You can have them beautifully polished as modular wine racking or a semi-custom racking system. From simple wine racks of varying heights to interesting stackable, triple tiered, double deep to corner wine racks, the Mahogany delivers both beauty and strength. For your wine cellar, it’s best to have it customized by experts, to get the best out of the wood.

Color-wise, although most people assume mahogany is a dark reddish color, it is really a lighter brown when done in the natural finish without stain. If your wines are mostly reds and would like your wine cellar to complement this, then you can go for really dark red with a Mahogany stain. With its high luster and excellent durability, you can trust that your precious wine collection is safe and well protected.

Mahogany is sustainable

Choosing mahogany over other wood species for your wine racks or wine cellar is also a sustainable thing to do. This lucrative wood species is harvested, extracted, and marketed under a sustainable management plan, and exploitation of these wood species is strictly prohibited.  In fact, harvested mahogany trees are being replaced with the growth of existing trees not yet of commercial size and to promote regeneration in each annual cutting area.

Thus, when using Mahogany, not only are you getting good quality wood, you are also getting it in good conscience that it is grown and protected in compliance with strict environmental standards.

Indeed, choosing the amazing Mahogany for showcasing your wine collection is definitely worth your money and time for it’s built to last a lifetime.


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