Pine Wine Racks: 4 Reasons Why They’re Worthy Of Your Attention

by Zee on May 26, 2011

Thinking about making that wine cellar you’ve always dreamed of, but wondering what material to use?

When creating your wine cellar, you have to consider two important factors: the material to use and the cost. You actually have a variety of options when choosing material for your wine cellar, but for durability and versatility, Pines get two thumbs up from us.

Pine Base Custom Wine Cellar

Today, Pine is one of the most affordable and versatile options for wood. It’s great to use for wine cellars and wine racks Pines are sturdy and look great alone or paired with other décor in your home.  If you’re focused on building a wine cellar now, then Pine is definitely a great material for wine racks due to its long lasting durability.

Here are 4 more reasons why you should consider using Pine for your wine cellar:

Pine1. It is pliable and easy to work with. Pine in itself is good material for making furniture and other fixtures for the home. Most carvers and furniture makers prefer it because it easier to work with and more pliant than most other woods. Not only that, Pine fixtures and creations are not only pleasing to look at, but also durable, giving them an excellent value in the market. Pine is a great material as it is resistant to decay and wears well, making it a top choice among furniture makers.

2. It is cost efficient. Are you on a tight budget? This type of wood is much less expensive than other types of wood material used to create wine cellars. This is an extremely useful characteristic most individuals look into as they hope to  save as much money as they can whenever it is possible to do so. Pine is easily sourced out, as it is available in any hardware or DIY store.

3. It blends well with many other types of furniture. The natural wood finish of Pine has enables it to blend into any home scenario, giving your wine cellar a comfortable and homey feel. The natural patterns found in pine lumber can also be an added decoration to your design. While most wood materials need to be varnished or painted, Pine’s neutral color eliminates that need in order to blend in, making your wine cellar creation a snap!

4. It is sustainable. Pine grows quickly and is farmed throughout several countries on a vast scale, making it an inexpensive wood in the production of various fixtures. In addition to this, Pine wood is carbon neutral, as the carbon it captured during growth is released during decomposition. Like most wood, unused pine can be used in a number of ways for other DIY home projects.

Indeed, choosing Pines for your wine cellar is an excellent decision. You get beautiful, durable wood for your wine racks and at an affordable price too! Contact us so we can help you with your wood choice.


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