A Simple Guide To Buying Custom Wine Racks

by Zee on April 28, 2011

Custom wine racks are the perfect solution for the wine lover with the vision, creativity and budget!

Custom Wine Rack

If you’re new to wine rack shopping, here are a few pointers on how to go about buying custom wine racks:

  • Determine your wine rack requirements, storage needs, space issues. How many bottles of wine do you have? Is your place too small? Do you have a whole room devoted for your wine storage? Is your area quite humid or is it too cold? You need to be clear on these before you start looking.
  • Do some research online. Look up companies that customize wine racks and review their track record and products.  You can also ask family and friends for referrals. They (or someone they know) may know a great company that can create the perfect wine rack for you.
  • Visit show rooms and factories and talk to wine cellar designers who can help you with your wine rack choices and storage needs. The variety of customization options and custom accessories offered today by wine rack and wine cellar companies is huge so take your time.
  • Once you’ve found a company who will create your custom wine racks, plan on the details together. Tell them what you want and need from your custom wine racks, and listen to their suggestions. You can even ask to view how your wine racks would look in a particular part of your house or restaurant even before it’s made! Depending on your style and preferences, these companies can suggest choices for wood, color, cut, size, and style.

Choosing and buying custom wine racks can take time, but it’s definitely worth it. Once you’ve found a partner to work with, it is always good to have good communication, rapport and a friendly relationship with your wine rack manufacturer. This way, you can clearly convey your vision for your custom wine racks.

Custom Wine Racks

Hiring a custom wine cellar specialist can be a pricey undertaking compared to just getting ready-made racks, but if you are passionate about pursuing your wine collecting hobby, then having your wine racks custom-made will be a rewarding investment.



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