3 Important Questions To Ask When Shopping For Wine Racks

by Zee on May 24, 2011

So you’re on the hunt for the perfect wine rack.

Wine Rack

Your wine collection is growing, and while you can opt to use a wine cooler or wine refrigerator, in due time, however, your wine collection could quickly outgrow your wine cooler unit. The next logical step then is to purchase wine racks and create a beautiful wine cellar or wine storage area.

Shopping for and choosing a wine rack can be quite overwhelming with so many wine rack styles and sizes available in the market today. So before you head out to purchase the first rack you fancy, ask yourself these questions first:

#1 – Where do you want it stored?

The biggest mistake wine newbies make is placing a wine rack in the kitchen. The kitchen is where sunlight would be streaming in from your window and this is definitely a no-no for wines. Look for the coolest part of the home, preferably the basement, and install your wine racks there. Wine racks are best used in a temperature and humidity-controlled area, away from sunlight and vibration. Whether you’re building a huge wine cellar or just having a wine rack custom made for a small space, just know that space and location are your first major considerations.

# 2 – Just how big is your collection?

How many bottles do you have now and how much more do you think you will be buying in the future? To make it easier for you, list down how many bottles you buy in a month so you can make an estimate. By doing this, you can pick the right size, height and type of wine rack kit for your collection. Also, take into account the number of expected parties or social gatherings you will be opening your house to. It may also depend on the types of wines you prefer. Since you will be collecting bottles of different sizes, make sure you choose a wine rack later on that can fit any type of wine bottle.

# 3 – What kind of look are you going for?

If you’re worried about how the wine rack will complement your home, take a look at your interior décor and furniture. Do you go for wood wine racks or metal? Most wine racks are made of wood, and while your choice of material is a matter of preference, wooden wine racks are known to be stronger and more stable. Wood species varieties commonly used in wine racks are Redwoods, Mahogany and Pine. Each one has its own great qualities, so it’s just a matter of budget and taste.

Just keep these basic things in mind and choosing the perfect wine rack shouldn’t be that hard. Cheers!



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