To Have And To Hold: A Love Affair With Wine Cellars

by Zee on April 21, 2011

Old CellarFrom the deep, dark, damp caves in France to today’s ultra hip and modern models, wine cellars have indeed come a long way.

Every single day, we bet more and more wine lovers desire to have their own wine cellar in their home. It all starts with a love for wine…then suddenly falling in love with the idea of having that special place in the house made for a nice wine collection.

Today it isn’t uncommon for wine collectors to set aside a room in their home for wine storage. To cater to this need, a variety of companies now specialize in custom wine cellar design for residential, commercial, and retail wine storage solutions. Such companies offer design and consulting services as well as custom products and installation. Because these companies understand the love and obsession for wine, they construct and outfit wine cellars to every wine collector’s whim and provide wine cellar plans and kits that enable those who love to do-it-yourself to undertake the project themselves.

While only true connoisseurs and collectors are likely to have a full in-home wine cellar, there are also a wide variety of options for those with more limited space and budgets. Thus, the love affair with wine doesn’t always require a huge wine cellar!

Space-saving wine racks, small wine racks, wine cabinets and sleek refrigeration systems provide excellent options for long-term wine storage. Design options vary as well, from metal and glass kitchen and bar versions to beautifully crafted wooden wine racks that can complement the décor of any area in one’s home. There really are as many ways to store and display your wine as there are different types of wine. Wine racks and wine cellars come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges, and whether you are looking for a solution befitting a wine connoisseur or a cheap wine rack for a few bottles of wine, there is an option that will work for you.

With so many attractive and affordable wine storage racks on the market, it really is no wonder why more wine lovers are falling in love with pretty wine racks and dreaming of having that perfect wine cellar they can call their own.



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