Make Yours A Custom Wine Cellar

by Zee on May 17, 2011

There’s no doubt about it. A custom wine cellar is a very sensible investment if you have a growing wine collection that requires aging and suitable storage conditions. What’s more, giving your treasured collection an appropriate room will add to your satisfaction in drinking your wine.

Custom Wine Cellar

Wine CabinetNowadays, when custom wine cellars are all the rage, a wine cellar will definitely add value as a practical room and desirable amenity for your house. While the primary intent of building a custom wine cellar is usually for private enjoyment, it also increases the house’s resale value. Custom wine cellars, wine refrigerators and wine cabinets are among the most trendy additions and ‘must haves’ for luxury homes today and it’s no wonder why, because there are now many affordable options! Space and budget are no longer issues, and because you can have your wine cellar custom-made, you have more freedom and flexibility in your design.


Planning and building your wine cellar

Planning and building a custom wine cellar involves taking into account the space, finances and design among many other things. You can build your wine room in your kitchen, any corner of any room, a vacant cabinet, the attic or the space under your staircase! This is the beauty of having one custom made – you can have it built anywhere in your house — with the right storage conditions of course.

It’s best to work with wine cellar experts to help you pick the right wood, wine cellar lighting, cooling system, accessories and more for the wine cellar of your dreams. From the visualization to completion of the project, these experts will be with you all the way. They can even help you pick your wine cellar art, your flooring, crown moldings, countertops and cabinets, door type, and other amenities.

Indeed, if you can’t get enough of fine wines, it’s best to build a custom wine cellar that can protect your wines and add value to your home. However you design you home wine cellar, you are sure to derive pleasure from it for many, many years to come.


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