Building A Wine Cellar Into Your Home

by Zee on May 12, 2011

Despite what most people say, it’s relatively easy to build a wine cellar in your own home.

You can plan and build a custom wine cellar chiefly for the storage of wine, taking into account the space, the access to your wine, and of course, the cost to build it.  While anywhere in the house is ideal, the basement is the more popular choice among wine collectors because of its location and ability to provide a dry and cool place — ideal for wine. The options when it comes to building your custom wine cellar are nearly endless, including using fine wood like mahogany or redwood. Most high-end homes are now being outfitted with wine cellars which maintain a constant temperature ideal for wine collections, and even incorporate customized shelving.

Not too keen on building your own by yourself?

You can also have a specialized company come in and build your wine cellar. They are convenient and professional, although it could come off more expensive in the long run. If you’re still a bit hesitant, you can always check out hardware stores and DIY shops that have ready-made kits available to help you build a wine cellar. Whichever way you choose to install your wine cellar, the opportunity to build it the way you like can be easily done.

While the primary intent of building a custom wine cellar is probably for your private enjoyment, your house’s resale value will definitely increase with its existence. Surely, giving your treasured collection an appropriate room is something which can give you joy and satisfaction now — and in the future. Talk about a sound investment!





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