Adding Variety To The Elements Of Your Wine Room

by Zee on June 16, 2011

Don’t you just love wine cellars? They provide a space to store large quantities of wine in a single location and temperature-controlled environment, and they make a fabulous addition to every home.

Wine cellars also are great for entertaining and tasting as well, and having one gives you endless possibilities when it comes to accessories. So how do you make your wine cellar more interesting? You may already have ideas in mind, but here are a few more for you:

Use Varying Wine Racks

Curvy Wine Racks

To create a sense of drama and visual interest in your wine cellar, use varying styles of wine racks. Divide the room into sections, and choose contrasting shelving styles for each section. Consider a combination of individual wine racks, diamond wine racks, curved and angled corners, wood case storage bins and more. The mix of styles and shapes will bring a sense of drama to a wine cellar with little architectural detail!

Have A Wine Tasting Area

Tasting Room Wine CellarTurn your wine cellar from a mere storage area into a space for social gathering by building a tasting area. Include a table, chairs and cabinets for glassware and wine openers. In less formal wine cellars, enhance the mood by using a rustic table and stools; for wine cellars with a modern design, use a formal dining table or cocktail table! As you plan a tasting area, consider the number of people who you usually entertain and choose seating options accordingly.

High-Tech Storage and Warm Lights

Give your wine cellar a high tech look by using modern wine storage methods and the best lighting. Install excellent wine refrigeration systems such as Whisperkool, WineGuardian and WineZone. Use warm LED lights to add to the visual beauty of your wine cellar. Great lighting can make a lot of difference to the overall look of your wine cellar, and lights in the right areas of your wine room will surely enhance this special place in your home.

If you need more wine cellar ideas – lighting, doors, cooling systems, wine racks and more, contact us today.


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