Warm Things Up With Wine Cellar Lighting

by Zee on June 14, 2011

Hosting an evening in your home?

The presentation of the wine bottle, glasses, and the atmosphere of the room are just as important to the evening as the vintage and varietal of the wine itself. You are, after all, trying to establish a proper mood, right? It’s all about the ambience, the company, the wine, and the great food!

Tasting Room Wine Cellar2Just as lighting is very important in your dining area, wine cellar lighting is also an important element in creating the desired mood in your favorite wine room. Depending on the type of atmosphere you’re going for, you might consider trying out charming LED lights for your wine cellar, which combine a comforting glow with the great company you are with – your wine bottles. Or if you plan to share wine tasting moments with family and friends in your wine room, LED lights are a great choice for establishing a nice, warm atmosphere.

Warm LED lights can add a romantic, whimsical, or possibly even eerie quality to the room. It all depends on what you want your evening to accomplish. Lighting is obviously one of the best ways to control the overall mood of your wine cellar. Wine cellar designers utilize lighting systems that provide overall illumination for viewing labels, pouring, etc., while also implementing subtle accents and mood lighting for creating dramatic effect in your room.

Will your wine cellar be displayed by either a glass door or a window? Will you bring friends, family etc into the wine cellar? A good rule of thumb is to have all of the lighting in the cellar on a dimmer. If you are looking for “mood” lighting, LED is your best choice. They are great for accenting display rows or an archway and contribute to making your wine cellar truly a sight to behold.

Lighting in a wine cellar can completely transform the mood, and LED lights can do just that.

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