Cork Floors For Your Wine Cellar: An Eco-Friendly Choice

by Zee on May 3, 2011

How would you like a unique and eco-friendly flooring for your wine cellar?

There are several excellent choices for your wine cellar flooring in the market today, and part of the fun in the selection process is finding the one that blends well with your shelving and racks to create a beautiful environment for your wine collection.

Cork is a natural and durable material and a rapidly renewable resource. No wonder it is being rediscovered by savvy, eco-conscious wine lovers/homeowners today looking for alternatives to wine cellar flooring.


The benefits of cork flooring

Cork is resilient, naturally resistant to water and microbial attacks. It is also fire retardant and non-toxic, making it an ideal flooring, as well as an ideal surface for kitchens which are prone to both water and food spills. Perhaps one of the great qualities of cork is that it doesn’t absorb like hardwood can. This means it creates a non-permeable barrier on your floor that neither absorbs microbes or allergens, nor releases any gases or particulates.

Wine cellars with cork floors

It used to be that cork was just a modest bottle-stopper. Today, however, cork has become one of the top choices in modern wine cellar flooring. Its resilience makes standing on it more comfortable, and it is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator. Yes, cork floors serve to insulate the floor, which is perfect in a wine cellar environment. Cork flooring is gentle on the feet – we bet you always want to be comfortable while browsing those lovely wine bottles!

Also, did you know that cork contains subherin, a natural insect repellent? No need to worry about mold and mildew either, because cork floors are usually treated with Microban, making it mold and mildew resistant. Because cork flooring is also treated with a moisture protection system, you can be sure of its watertight seal, helping the cork wear longer. Maintaining cork flooring is easy too. All it takes is regular sweeping or vacuuming, as well as an occasional cleaning with a hardwood product.

Since cork has a natural beauty, it blends well with your wine racks. What more could you ask for? Indeed, if both beauty and eco-friendliness is important to you, we highly recommend cork flooring.




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