Go Rustic With Vintage Wine Barrel Table Tops

by Zee on May 19, 2011

Giving new life to old wine barrels isn’t something new, we know.

But when we saw this post from Coppersheets featuring a vintage oak barrel transformed into ageless copper bistro table, we knew we just had to revisit old, yet reliable wine barrels as furniture.

If you’re a wine lover and would love an old world charm and rustic feel to your wine room, why not go for vintage wine barrel table tops?

WineBarrel Tabletop

They have loads of charm, and they’re certainly eye-catching. If you like to dress up your wine cellar with many accessories, a wine barrel table top makes a great piece of décor, not to mention a fabulous conversation piece. Reclaimed wood components from wine barrels will give your wine cellar a homey feel, and because they are custom hand-finished products, each piece is a unique work of art.

What makes these table tops ageless? Well, first we must get to know the parts of the wine barrel used to make them – cooperage and infusion.

Cooperage refers to the outside portion of a wine barrelhead. It has the distinct markings of each barrel, which makes it look truly unique! Infusion, on the other hand, refers to the inside pieces of wine barrel material. The Infusion pieces do not have the cooperage stamps on them. Because these barrels have aged wine, they make timeless, valuable furniture. Creators of wine barrel furniture carefully sand, stain and finish barrels giving them a new life. This means great durability and minimal maintenance for you, not to mention excellent life span!

Don’t you just love repurposed furniture ideas like this? Whether you have your wine barrel table custom-built within your racks or built separately as a freestanding table, vintage wine barrel table tops are always, always a pretty sight to behold.


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