Go Rustic With Vintage Wine Barrel Table Tops

May 19, 2011

Giving new life to old wine barrels isn’t something new, we know. But when we saw this post from Coppersheets featuring a vintage oak barrel transformed into ageless copper bistro table, we knew we just had to revisit old, yet reliable wine barrels as furniture. If you’re a wine lover and would love an old […]

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Make Yours A Custom Wine Cellar

May 17, 2011

There’s no doubt about it. A custom wine cellar is a very sensible investment if you have a growing wine collection that requires aging and suitable storage conditions. What’s more, giving your treasured collection an appropriate room will add to your satisfaction in drinking your wine. Nowadays, when custom wine cellars are all the rage, […]

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Building A Wine Cellar Into Your Home

May 12, 2011

Despite what most people say, it’s relatively easy to build a wine cellar in your own home. You can plan and build a custom wine cellar chiefly for the storage of wine, taking into account the space, the access to your wine, and of course, the cost to build it.  While anywhere in the house […]

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Wine Cellars: Increasing Your Home’s Value

May 10, 2011

How would you like to increase to value of your home? The business of real estate has always been a tricky one, as property can decrease or increase its resale value based on how its homeowners take care of it. If you are looking to sell your property in the near future, it is a […]

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Cork Floors For Your Wine Cellar: An Eco-Friendly Choice

May 3, 2011

How would you like a unique and eco-friendly flooring for your wine cellar? There are several excellent choices for your wine cellar flooring in the market today, and part of the fun in the selection process is finding the one that blends well with your shelving and racks to create a beautiful environment for your […]

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A Simple Guide To Buying Custom Wine Racks

April 28, 2011

Custom wine racks are the perfect solution for the wine lover with the vision, creativity and budget! If you’re new to wine rack shopping, here are a few pointers on how to go about buying custom wine racks: Determine your wine rack requirements, storage needs, space issues. How many bottles of wine do you have? […]

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Forging Bonds Over Wine Cellar TableTops

April 26, 2011

Great conversations over bottles of wine with friends. You’ve probably been in this scenario many times in your life, and yes, it’s one of life’s greatest pleasures. But we wonder: did you spend those moments in your dining table, kitchen table or wine cellar? Many of us have most likely spent it in the former, […]

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To Have And To Hold: A Love Affair With Wine Cellars

April 21, 2011

From the deep, dark, damp caves in France to today’s ultra hip and modern models, wine cellars have indeed come a long way. Every single day, we bet more and more wine lovers desire to have their own wine cellar in their home. It all starts with a love for wine…then suddenly falling in love […]

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Go Green On Your Wine Cellar; Use LED Lighting

April 21, 2011

Okay, we’ve been reading too much Planet Green and Elephant Journal recently. We’re wine drinkers who don’t literally hug trees, but in our small ways, we want to make a difference for the environment. “Small ways” count, such as opting for LED lighting in your wine cellar. Installing these small light bulbs can make a huge […]

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Store Your Wine In Gorgeous Wine Cabinets

April 19, 2011

You’ve got wine, but you don’t have much space. The solution?  Wine cabinets! Wine cabinets offer great wine storage if you have space issues, not to mention look great in your home. These amazing wine storage systems provide excellent wine storage conditions to protect your wines! A wine cabinet is designed to maintain optimal conditions […]

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